The example on the side belongs to a part that was converted into investment casting as a result of our team working together with the customer during the design phase. Advantages obtained as a result of this study:

Advantages We Offer with Precision Casting Method

  • Surface Quality and Dimensional Tolerances: In most cases, the parts produced with a surface quality (Ra 3.2-6.4) that can eliminate machining and in accordance with international measurement tolerances (DIN VDG P690, JS 14, TS7168, ISO 2768) are almost ready for use.</ li>
  • Flexibility in Size: Production of casting parts from 1 gr to 40 kg and in thicknesses down to 0.5 mm
  • Flexibility in Material/Alloy Selection: Production of all types of Steel, Copper and Aluminum alloys as well as Nickel and Cobalt based alloys.
  • Flexibility in Design: Any geometry you can design. Designs that are impossible with other production methods. Thicknesses down to 0.5 mm. Pieces without dividing lines. Freedom in internal geometries.
  • Flexibility in Production Quantities: High repeatability with alternative quality even in low-volume jobs.
  • Low mold cost.
  • High Material Properties: Fine-grained perfect microstructure offers superior material properties due to minimum inclusions and segregation.
  • Lighter parts with significantly reduced weight due to design advantages, superior material properties and the advantages of working with alternative materials.

Cost-Reducing Advantages of Precision Casting Method