Mould Types and Auxiliary Equipment

Preperation of moulds and casting equipment are at most important in Investment Casting Process. We work very close with our customers and with our experienced moulding team to manufacture sustainable high-quality investment casting products. We use three different moulding types :

Pattern Wax Injection Moulds: It is needed for all investment casting products. It is produced from aluminium material and designed appropriate for high pressure wax injection. Shrinkage tolerances should be considered in all steps of the process. Depending of the product geometry ejector can be needed. High yield and long life time fort he moulds are essential.

Core wax Injection Moulds: It is not needed for all investment casting products. It is similar to Pattern Wax Injection Moulds but wax type is different which is soluble. It is applicable for the products with complex internal geometries which can not be manufactured using Pattern wax Injection Moulds. Pattern Wax is placed inside the mould and Core Wax is injected on Pattern Wax. During the process, injected Core Wax is moved away by means of dissolving. At the stage of ceramik moulding, cavities are covered with ceramic material to produce complex internal geometries.

Ceramic Core Moulds: It is used for the geometries which are produced with Core Wax but which can not be covered with ceramic material in the next step. Due to strength properties, it is made of steel. It is similar to Core wax Injection Mould method.

Measuring Equipment:It is used during the production process or on the end product for some special dimension tolerances.

Straightening Equipment: It is used to straight the products which have distortions during casting process.