Design and Production of Mould and Initial Equipment

The most important phase for long life, high quality and high performance products is the moulds and initial equipment with accurate design. Moulds made of duraluminium or steel can be manufactured with one or more multiple sections dependin on production quantities.

Wax Injection

High quality technical wax with constant shringake ratio is used. Wax patterns are pressed in fully automated vertical or parallel presses. If it is needed, wax cores are also produced at this stage.

Shell Production

Wax patterns are assembled to wax runners and sufficient number of wax runners to casting sprues.

Ceramic Shell Production

Molten metal is poured in ceramic shells. Wax shells are sank in special formulated ceramik mud. Ceramic powder is covered on ceramic sludge using sprinkling or fluidized bed technology. Colloidal silica as a binder and zirconium oxide / aluminium silicate as a refractory material are used inside the ceramic mud. During ceramic moulding, humidity and temperature of the environment should be under control to minimise casting defects

Wax Melting

Wax inside the ceramic is melted and removed in an aoutoclave under pressure to form the casting cavity.This process is done under 7 bar and 200oC for 15-20 minutes.

Firing Ceramic Mould

Ceramic mould is fired to increase its strength and to be ready for the casting


Required alloy, mainly iron. steel, copper and aluminium, is melted in induction or aluminium furnace. Smelting and casting in ceramic shells are performed with care not to have a negative affect on microstructure.

Breaking Ceramic Shells

After solidification of the molten metal seramic shell is broke and removed.

Cut Off / Grinding

Runners are cut off and end product is grinded

Heat Treatment / Machining / Coating

Depending on customer requirements, different processes (heat treatment, machining, coating) are applied to the end product.

Quality Control

Final Quality Control checks (dimensional control, mechanical tests and NDT) are applied.